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zkLink Nova Integrates RedStone Oracles as the First Oracle on a Layer 3 Network

RedStone Oracles has been integrated by zkLink Nova, the industry’s first Aggregated Layer 3 Rollup zkEVM network, based on ZK Stack and zkLink Nexus. This collaboration sets the stage for the beginning of a vibrant Layer 3 DeFi ecosystem on Nova, facilitated by RedStone’s modular oracle solutions.

What is zkLink Nova?

zkLink Nova is the pioneering Aggregated Layer 3 Rollup zkEVM network that brings liquidity and asset aggregation to Ethereum and its Layer 2 Rollups. Built with ZK Stack and zkLink Nexus, it leverages zero-knowledge proofs to enhance scalability and security. Its mission is to aggregate the fragmented liquidity across Ethereum Layer 2 Rollups, fostering a unified and interoperable rollup ecosystem.

zkLink Nova is stack-agnostic, meaning developers can enjoy an open platform for deploying Solidity smart contracts, instantly tapping into aggregated liquidity from any integrated Ethereum Layer 2 network like Arbitrum and zkSync. Nova simplifies DeFi by presenting a unified ecosystem for users and DApps, promoting a seamless blockchain experience.

RedStone and zkLink Nova Integration

RedStone’s oracles will provide zkLink with real-time, accurate data feeds that are critical for the optimal operation of smart contracts and dApps on Nova. This partnership not only enhances the functionality and reliability of DeFi projects on zkLink Nova but also paves the way forward for the future of Layer 3 DeFi.

RedStone’s technology promises to bring a new level of precision and efficiency to zkLink Nova, enabling developers to create new, and innovative DeFi solutions while leveraging the familiar Solidity developer environment and aggregated liquidity benefits of zkLink Nova’s Layer 3 zkEVM.

According to the team, zkLink plans to double down on its ecosystem development, encouraging dApp developers to build on top of its Aggregated Layer 3 with an ecosystem grants program. The grants program provides milestone-based funding development teams building “DEX-AMMs, Native Stablecoins, Lending Platforms, DEX-Orderbook/RFQ, DEX-Stableswap, Wallet as a Service, Data Indexers, Oracles, Bridges and Yield Optimizers”. 

The Future for Oracles in DeFi

The partnership also underscores the importance of oracles in DeFi, serving as the backbone for applications that require precise and consistent external data to function. By providing reliable and timely data through RedStone’s oracles, zkLink Nova will become an attractive platform for ambitious developers looking to build on the Layer 3 DeFi ecosystem. 

About RedStone

RedStone is a modular oracle delivering diverse, high-frequency data feeds to EVM Layer1, Layer2, Rollup-as-a-Service networks, and beyond, i.e., Starknet, Fuel Network, or TON. By responding to market trends and developer needs, RedStone can support assets not available elsewhere. The modular design allows for data consumption models adjusted to specific use cases, i.e., capital-efficient LSTfi and early support of LRTs. RedStone raised almost $8M from Lemniscap, Blockchain Capital, Maven11, Coinbase Ventures, Stani Kulechov, Sandeep Nailwal, Alex Gluchovski, Emin Gun Sirer, and other top VCs & Angels.