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RedStone Becomes Official Push Oracle For Manta Pacific L2

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Following the explosion in interest and TVL on Manta, RedStone integrated both Push and Pull Oracle models on Manta to enhance the DeFi expansion.

What is Manta Pacific?

Manta Pacific is the modular blockchain for zero-knowledge apps. Manta leverage Celestia Data Availability layer and OP stack, ensuring low fees. Soon, Manta will be transitioning into zkEVM using Polygon CDK for stronger security guarantees and improved user experience.

Manta x RedStone Integration

The integration story started with the successful implementation of the Core (Pull) model on both the Manta Pacific testnet and mainnet in December 2023. You can fetch demo price feeds yourself using RedStone Showroom.

In order to ensure the best developer experience for the Manta builders, RedStone entered into strategic cooperation with the team behind the fast-growing network and committed to delivering the Push model. The integration materialized in the middle of January 2024 with the first ETH / USD feed being delivered.

What’s coming?

The second feed eagerly anticipated by the community that RedStone delivered is nothing else than the native $Manta token in both Pull and Push models. The price feed creation was possible after a successful launch on Binane, Bybit, MEXC and other leading exchanges on January 18th 2024.

Looking ahead, RedStone plans to roll out the next feeds in the two models, continuing with $wUSDM from Mountain Protocol and $STONE from StakeStone.

About RedStone

RedStone is revolutionizing Oracles industry by implementing a novel modular design and 3 tailor-made data consumption models. You can build the new generation of DeFi & Web3 protocols based on RedStone’s versatile data offering of long-tail, Lp, and Ecosystem-native tokens, as well as Real World Data and custom feeds.

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