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Introducing RedStone Miners Ambassador Program ♦️⛏

As RedStone carves a unique path in the oracle crypto space, its innovative modular architecture and sophisticated features stand out. Now, we’re ready to usher in an exciting new chapter with the RedStone Miners Ambassador Program. This ambitious venture aims not only to enhance RedStone’s expansion but also to help shape the future.

We extend an invitation to you, our community, to join this transformative journey. Dive into our vibrant ecosystem, earn exclusive rewards, and unlock unprecedented opportunities with our Ambassador Program.

Together, let’s unlock the true potential of RedStone ♦️⛏

What is the RedStone Miners Ambassador Program?

The RedStone Miners Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for passionate individuals to shape Oracles’ future actively. It invites crypto enthusiasts, developers, traders, writers, designers, and anyone with a unique viewpoint and a deep understanding of RedStone to step into the role of a Miner.

As a Miner, you will devise and implement innovative strategies to spread the RedStone message, kick-starting growth initiatives and contributing to the community through various avenues. Your contributions could range from content creation and social media promotion to technical development and community management.

By participating in the program, you will not only play a significant role in shaping RedStone’s future but also earn exclusive rewards such as:

  • Early access to special privileges and giveaways
  • RedStone Gems (RSG)
  • Limited edition RedStone merchandise
  • OG NFT
  • RedStone Token incentives in the future
  • Potential for a full-time job
  • Direct mentions and shoutouts on social media
  • Exclusive events with the RedStone team

What does RedStone look for in candidates?

The RedStone Miners program seeks proactive, dynamic individuals ready to champion our cause and amplify our message. We’re looking for extraordinary community builders, inventive content creators, adept programmers, and anyone with unique skills that can enrich our program. Your passion and expertise can help shape the future of RedStone.

How to join the RedStone Miners Ambassador Program

To join the program, you must go through the provided guide and join our Discord to stay updated with the latest news. The program encourages anyone to kick-start their participation as a Miner and start earning rewards. You can then ascend the ranks with Zealy and earn higher rewards as you elevate your Miner rank.

A 5-Tier Journey in RedStone Ambassador Program

The RedStone Miners Ambassador Program is stratified into 5 tiers, each reflecting an increasing level of engagement and reward:

  1. Ore Diggers: This is the starting point. Participants must follow RedStone on Twitter, join their Discord, and add a diamond emoji to their Twitter nickname.
  2. Rock Breakers: The first step of being an ambassador. To qualify, participants must meet all the Ore Diggers’ requirements and actively engage with the community.
  3. Vein Masters: This tier is for elite contributors. Requirements include meeting all Rock Breakers’ prerequisites, passing an application process, and consistently creating valuable content to onboard new members.
  4. Deep Miners: Participants must meet all Vein Masters’ requirements, foster their group of RedStoners, lead community discussions, and manage dedicated RedStone channels.
  5. Mine King: The program’s zenith requires participants to meet all Deep Miners’ requirements, demonstrate leadership in the RedStone ecosystem, and work closely with the RedStone team.

Participants are incentivized with increasing rewards as they ascend these ranks, making the journey engaging and rewarding.

The RedStone Ambassador Journey: An Onboarding Overview

The initiation into the RedStone Ambassador Program begins on Zealy, where participants complete tasks and accrue points, leading to an ascent from Ore Digger to Deep Miner.

To maintain your rank, especially for Vein Master or higher, you need to stay active. You must score points for three consecutive months to avoid a rank demotion. Therefore, it’s essential to contribute and engage with the RedStone community consistently.

How do I become a RedStone Miner?

You can reach the highest ambassador level by completing more tasks on Zealy and collecting points.

Let’s start the expedition, RedStoners ♦️⛏