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#RedStonePowered ep.9: Dogechain

We are excited to announce that DogeChain Network is now #RedStonePowered! ♦️⚡

DogeChain + RedStone partnership means protocols on this EVM-compatible chain with low transaction costs can now use our reliable Data Feeds for 1100+ assets! If you are building a data-powered dApp, look no further.

What is DogeChain?

Dogechain is a L2 chain for Dogecoin. It supercharges Dogecoin to bring crypto applications like NFTs, games, and DeFi to the community. Dogechain is built on Polygon Edge, which lets the project bootstrap a new blockchain network while providing full compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts and transactions. It uses the IBFT (Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerant) consensus mechanism, supported by PoS. The DogeChain community stands for fairness and equality for all ecosystem builders.

Highlights of DogeChain

  • Dogechain is a new blockchain entirely built and designed to be community-driven.
  • Dogechain exists as a layer on top of Dogecoin. Without Dogechain, Dogecoin users cannot participate in NFTs, games, or DeFi.
  • Dogechain users can use Dogecoin for gas fees. Dogechain brings utility to Dogecoin users.
  • The blockchain uses POS consensus to provide cheap fees and fast transactions.
  • The dogechain team is preparing to airdrop millions of DC tokens to the Dogecoin community.

Cooperation with RedStone

As a new ecosystem, DogeChain builders are in need of reliable Data Feeds. RedStone now provides the DogeChain Community with a cutting-edge oracle solution. Builders can now access reliable Data Feeds for 1100+ assets covering cryptocurrencies, NFTs, equities, commodities, on-chain reputation, and much more. We are also ready to provide custom Data Feeds tailored to the applications’ needs. 

DogeChain channels:





RedStone channels: