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#RedStonePowered ep.8: Caduceus

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We are excited to announce that Caduceus is now #RedStonePowered! ♦️⚡

Caduceus and RedStone partnership means protocols on this scalable chain, supporting Metaverse development can now use our reliable, cost-effective Data Feeds for 1100+ assets! If you are building a data-powered dApp, or Metaverse project look no further.

What is Caduceus?

Caduceus is the world’s first blockchain dedicated to Metaverse development. In other words, it is a distributed ledger based platform with unique technology that makes deploying and running Metaverse applications much more efficient as compared to conventional blockchains. Caduceus uses a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture to store transactions and achieve consensus.

Advantages of Caduceus

  • Scalability – fast, low-cost and secure transactions.
  • Metaverse support – intrinsic support for 3D objects and vectors
  • Security – fund security, NFT asset security, users’ privacy security, trusted transactions, automatic settlement, and DAO user autonomy through a scalable blockchain network.
  • Cloud Computing – Caduceus provides decentralised cloud computing support for the metaverse through a massive distributed network encompassing IPFS storage/GPU cloud rendering/SWAN
  • Hardware innovations – Caduceus provides the metaverse with a blossoming device ecology through the advanced XR Glass open-source hardware solution, lowering the hardware threshold and increasing device penetration.
  • Edge Rendering – provide 3D designers, game developers, game users and Metaverse users with a powerful distributed rendering computing power – edge rendering system;
  • Tooling – provide Metaverse UGC development tools, creation tools, game editing tools and user-defined editing tools for creative developers and users;
  • Infrastructure – materials NFT market, scene NFT market and game props NFT market

Cooperation with RedStone

As every fast growing ecosystem Caduceus builders are in need of reliable Data Feeds. We now support the growth of this chain by providing data for 1100+ assets covering cryptocurrencies, NFTs, randomness, equities, commodities, on-chain reputation, and much more. We are certain that dApps and games on Caduceus can leverage our cost-effective oracles for a number of use cases, so builders – feel free to reach out to us!

Questions to Caduceus Team

Q1. How did you get into the web3 space?

A long-standing market need exists for Web3 and the metaverse, and as corporate capital pours into the metaverse, the demand for support services has increased. Building a large-scale metaverse platform is a good concept for particular purposes and subjects – sports, arts, and consumer brands have been the most popular, and it was obvious that merging them needed a new economic model and gameplay innovation. A few years ago, I met many like-minded partners; we created a team and used our imaginations to attempt to build Caduceus.

Q2. What is the origin of the Caduceus? 

People devote less attention to computing and rendering, despite their importance to the metaverse. Whether it be sports, art, or consumer goods, the metaverse requires a great deal of processing power and accurate graphics rendering technologies to actualize it. Caduceus must become a crucial component in the creation of the Metaverse. We hope that metaverse developers will be able to use a lower trial and error cost and a purer environment to conduct a large number of experiments on Caduceus in order to validate some hypotheses. In the Caduceus metaverse ecology, creators will also have access to a greater variety of communication, motivation, and identification options.

Q3. What excites you the most about what you’re building?

This year, the thought of Caduceus’ open metaverse intrigues me the most. Caduceus and Bin Zayed Group are collaborating strategically to construct a digital metropolis in Dubai. Simultaneously, Light Cycle, which was incubated on the chain, has lately constructed a virtual village that may be used by future artists. Completely open with the brand side, allowing creators to freely create. We will also see AI virtual image expression and a new wave of interesting Web3 innovations such as games based on a stable economic model. 

Q4. Where do you see Caduceus in 3 years from now?

Caduceus aspires to establish a thriving Web3 ecosystem, not only through incubating high-quality initiatives based on the Caduceus network, but also by supporting and assisting a new generation of entrepreneurs with unique skills to participate in future-oriented ventures. While the crypto cold persists, construction will continue and innovation will continue. Perhaps in the near future, as a result of the efforts of these aspiring entrepreneurs, Caduceus will appear in every nation and city on earth.

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