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CyberTime integrates RedStone data and pseudo-random number generator

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CyberTime starts using RedStone’s pricing data feed for Celo and its pseudo-random number generator, in order to make distribution fair and robust on the leading NFT marketplace.

RedStone provides customisable data feeds for the Celo ecosystem

RedStone creates a data ecosystem that focuses on long-tail and custom data related to areas such as NFT, carbon footprint, commodities prices and much more. RedStone’s mission is to unlock new possibilities for DeFi and beyond — supporting over 1,000 crypto and real-world assets, including ETFs, Commodities, Energies and Grains.

CyberTime is the leading NFT Marketplace & Daopolis on CELO

CyberTime is looking to establish itself as the leader of the NFT Marketplaces in the Celo blockchain by bringing the most creative and well-organised collections on its platform. The current marketplace utilizes RedStone’s pricing data to bring the current Celo value on their front end. RedStone sources price feed about Celo from 5 validated providers to ensure integrity and reliability.

As the next step Cybertime plans to create the NFT Mystery Boxes based on Celo to increase users engagement and give a broad audience a chase to get valuable NFTs. Pseudo-random number generator from RedStone will ensure a fair and equal for all participants distribution. More on that integration soon — in the meantime come and join the community of both projects!

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